Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services and what Pond Home can offer you or your loved ones? Read through our frequently asked questions below or give us a call at 508-384-3531 today.

What does senior living at Pond Home mean?

Pond Home was incorporated in 1899 and has been serving the needs of local seniors since 1902. Pond Home was created to offer medical and social support to our residents. That means Pond Home has 24 hour on site Registered or Licensed nursing staff available to care for residents and assess their current medical condition. This includes administering all medication, including eye drops and insulin.

How does Pond Home differ from Assisted Living?

Pond Home also has 24 hour on site Certified Nursing Assistant staff available for around the clock safety checks of each resident, to remind residents of meal times, provide toileting reminders or assistance, assist residents in dressing, and encourage participation in activities.

In addition to caring for our residents’ medical needs we also care for their dietary and social needs. All meals and snacks are planned under the supervision of a Registered Dietician and our daily activities program is run by our full time Activities Director.

In contrast, Assisted Living facilities provide limited medical services.

Does Pond Home offer nursing care?

Pond Home offers nursing care in our Supportive Nursing Care area. This area is reserved for residents who require more medical support and supervision. This may include extensive assistance with eating, dressing, bathing, continence care, and management of daily activities if needed.

Does Pond Home offer other health and wellness services?

Pond Home offers many health and wellness services, including:

  • Administration of prescription and over the counter medication
  • Refilling prescriptions
  • Monitoring resident’s reaction to medications
  • Providing recommendations to the resident’s physician as needed
  • Around the clock safety checks
  • Meal reminders
  • Continence management

Staff also assists residents with dressing when needed and encourages participation in activities. Included in our monthly fee are hairdressing, cable, personal laundry and linen service and housekeeping services.

Does Pond Home offer primary care services?

Through trusted providers, Pond Home also offers on site primary care services, x-ray, lab services, dental, foot, eye, and ear care. That means residents may choose not to leave home for routine medical tests and services.

What happens if residents’ needs can no longer be met in Residential Care?

Pond Home’s Care Plan Team monitors each resident’s needs a minimum of every 90 days. If it is determined a resident living in Residential Care can no longer have their needs met with dignity, they will be given first priority to move to our Supportive Nursing Section.

Can a person come to Pond Home for a short stay?

While most residents live here for many years, Pond Home offers short term stay. These stays can range from one week to three months and are offered based on room availability. A resident staying for a short time is called a Respite Guest and is provided furnished accommodations for the length of their stay.

How is Pond Home paid for?

Pond Home is paid through resident’s private funds and long-term care insurance. Residents of Pond Home who meet qualifications are eligible for Veteran’s Benefits, which may increase their income. Others may qualify for a state program specific to Residential Care.

What happens when my money runs out?

As part of our application process Pond Home financially screens residents prior to admission. Part of the agreement PH we make with residents is that once they are qualified to move in and after their funds are depleted, through the cost of their care needs, they may remain in their home at Pond Home. Our cost structure and financial expectations were set with the moderate income senior in mind.

What are the visiting hours?

This is the resident’s home. Visit whenever you like as we have no set hours.

If I become a resident, may I keep my car?

Absolutely, with free parking in the front lot!

We look forward to welcoming you home! Contact us today at 508-384-3531 for more information about our home and community.