Providing a Private Residence & Peace of Mind

Residential & Supportive Nursing Care

At Pond Home, we graciously provide care to those who need extra assistance. Residents at Pond Home have access to all of the comforts of home without being required to care for it or cook their own meals. Some people choose to move into a senior living community because they no longer have the ability or desire to take care of a house. Others cannot safely live alone and require extra assistance. We are proud to offer seniors of Wrentham, MA, and the surrounding areas a safe, comfortable, and rewarding senior living experience.

Residential Care

Above all else, we offer peace of mind to our residents and their families. Our level IV home is licensed and regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This includes being subject to unscheduled inspections and investigations. Residents at Pond Home can expect their basic necessities taken care of so they can have an enjoyable retirement experience.

Elderly men playing a game of chess
Assisted living facility at Pond Home

Around the Clock Support

We have on-site Certified Nursing Assistants on staff 24 hours per day, providing continual safety checks, reminding residents of meal times, providing assistance when needed, such as traveling to the dining room or when dressing, providing toileting reminders, and reminding residents of activities. Our full-time Activities Director schedules and runs the activities, and the entire home is overseen by our Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

Medication Management

Our on-site Registered and Licensed nursing staff are available 24 hours per day to assess each resident’s medical conditions and ensure they receive their medications. They administer prescriptions, monitor residents’ reactions to medications, and provide recommendations to the residents’ physicians.


Residents at Pond Home only have to relax and enjoy their new laid-back lifestyle. We handle the laundry, changing linen, and various housekeeping needs.

Meals & Snacks

Meal planning is done according to the resident’s preferences and based on the diet recommendations of their doctor. A Registered Dietician reviews all meal breakdowns to ensure the resident receives proper nutrition.

Supportive nursing care

Supportive Nursing Care

The residents in supportive nursing care (Level III) receive all of the same services as those in residential care and more. This includes enhanced housekeeping, laundry, and nursing care. Our staff can provide all of the expected services in a skilled nursing facility, except for feeding tube care and IV administration. If someone requires these services, they would need to be in a more involved nursing home facility.

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Our Activities

At Pond Home, we keep our activities program lively and varied because our goal is to keep everyone fit in mind, body, and spirit. Our activities program is coordinated by our full-time Activities Director.

Seniors stretching for exercise

For the Body

We offer exercise and stretch classes five mornings a week following breakfast. It is a great way to start each day, as we are able to get our circulation going, stretch out stiff joints from an evening’s rest, and discuss the fun upcoming events for the day. Residents are often surprised by the significant improvements they see in their own balance and strength! If there is nice weather, we enjoy the walking paths and gardens around Pond Home and the Community at Pond Meadow, the independent living community on the campus of Pond Home. In the late afternoon, we work in interactive activities such as Bowling, Bocce, Corn Hole, and Balloon Volleyball – more great exercises to work both our bodies and hand-eye coordination, all while having fun with fellow residents.

Seniors playing a board game

For the Mind

To stimulate the mind, we offer all types of word games, trivia games, and board games, such as Scrabble and Rummikub, as well as card games, such as cribbage, bridge, and Uno. We are so fortunate to be able to use IN2L (It’s Never Too Late Computer System), where we are able to play a vast array of Word Games, Jeopardy, Armchair Travel, and music.

Seniors going out to lunch

Bus Rides

We offer weekly afternoon bus rides in our 14-passenger, wheelchair-accessible minibus. Trips include our weekly shopping trips, as well as a weekly old-fashioned Sunday Drive-themed outing, where a different route is taken each week to take in our beautiful farms, lakes, and neighborhoods in our community. We also are able to offer special outings such as fall foliage tours, holiday light tours, Council on Aging events, lunches out, and ice cream stops!

Seniors paintings and doing crafts

Arts & Crafts

If you enjoy making beautiful things, we offer a wide range of arts and crafts. Residents enjoy creating a vast array of holiday/seasonal decorations and crafts which are adapted to every skill level. Some of the many projects we create are greeting cards, wreaths, painting, practice needlework, floral arranging, scrapbooking, decoupage, and more. Residents are also welcome to help with the plants and gardens outside Pond Home, including our standing gardens, which allow easy access to getting your hands in the dirt!

Older woman having leisure time and drinking tea

Leisure Time

There are plenty of places to relax and read a good book inside and outside of Pond Home. If you want to enjoy time with friends socializing, we have coffee socials planned, as well as beautiful patios and gardens where you can enjoy a relaxed time in nature. We also offer ice cream socials, teatime, and cocktail hours on a regular basis.

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*Breakfast is served to order. There are two options for lunch and dinner; these menus give you a sample of what is available.

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Pond Home

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Just three miles west of Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA and three Miles North of the Plainridge Casino in Plainville, MA.

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We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Health as a Residential Care Facility, and we have a Supportive Nursing Care unit for those who need additional assistance. In the long-term care continuum, Pond Home is that sweet spot in the middle of assisted living and skilled nursing care. We are what most elders moving out of their houses would benefit from experiencing. We are not an alternative to their home, we are their home.